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Boson A16

Now Home Automation at Your Finger Tips

Boson A16 is the Remote switching solution (using IR) for all the electrical devices existing in current setup. The solution can control up to 6 switches, out of which one can be a fan and rest can control the lightings. It supports ON/OFF solution for all the electrical appliance switches, added with speed control feature for the fan. If the user wants the dimmer solution for his light, he can configure the FAN node for the same.

The complete product consists of three parts

  • Boson A16 Device
  • IR Remote Controller
  • DC Power Adapter


  • Operating voltage 220 - 240 volts AC
  • 50 Hz Operating Frequency.
  • 5 amps Fuse used in the system.
  • Load capacity each channel (300 watt).
  • IR remote control.
  • Remote control working range up to 30 Ft (Depending upon batteries conditions)
  • Use two “AAA” batteries for remote control.
  • Wattage Limit: 2000 Watts for Complete Product


  • Total 8 channel control
  • One Click Power Off/On solution for all channels
  • Individual Device power On/Off control
  • Group Device power On/Off control
  • On/Off Time: Instantaneous
  • Individual Wattage Capacity for every individual channel
  • One specific channel for Electrical Appliance with High Wattage (~up to 500w) can be used like TV on specific channel.
  • Specific channel for fan/dimmer with ~ 500 watt capacity
  • One channel to replace sockets (~ 500 watt )
  • Speed Control for fan
  • Inbuilt fuse to avoid damage to the device
  • Buzzer Indication to show the Speed Limits
  • Power indication LED.
  • Remote signal receiving indication LED.
  • No need of replacing existing switches
  • No need of altering old wiring.
  • Easy Plug and Play Connector Provision.
  • Wireless control through air up to 30 feet
  • Easy fuse replacement provision
  • Smooth fan speed control up to 4 levels
  • Heat sinks and air ventilation to avoid overheat problems
  • Easy wall mount provision
  • Stable and Fancy enclosure with professional finishing
  • The Complete Indian make


  • Total shock proof (we need not to touch the switch board as it operates with remote control).
  • Cut of your EB bill by Energy saving (by putting off lights, fans etc. with remote control when not needed).
  • Prevents from risk of electric shock and short circuit
  • It is a boon for physically challenged person
  • Ideal for bed-ridden patients and for senior citizens

Value Add to the Customer

  • Installation Support
  • Service Support
  • One year Board Replacement Warranty


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