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We provide the services of highly experience and expertise software engineers, architectures and consultants, because of the fact that our offices are based in India.

Retaining our services is the best way to keep pace with the recent cutting-edge technology, which can strengthen your business by bringing you an effective IT solution.

Samcys has expertise in embedded software, device driver development and software applications development with extensive functionality in a cost effective way.

System based Services
Embedded software development. Application Development
Windows device driver development. Web Services
Linux device driver development. Application Migration
NDIS device driver development. Application Maintenance
USB 2.0 domain. Application Testing
Application Services Consulting

Samcys offers consulting services to the clients around the world, by identifying the best business solution to solve problems and create first class software functionality. Samcys IT consulting services help clients to improve technology planning, development and maintenance operations with reduced IT cost. We help to guide our client to determine the strategies for using information technology and then in turn these to implement.

Business Consulting, CRM Consulting, Knowledge Management,Business Consulting

Samcys's Business Consulting services is the driving force that provides the ability to create innovative and scalable business technologies that will provide high performance solutions for our clients.

Consulting at Samcys offers variety of technical and functional areas that involve a unique process designed for Rapid Application Development to maximize cost saving for our clients.

Our business consulting services focus on improving the business performance of our clients, thus reducing the organizational risks enhancing the organization model. We have been working with various industries to bring them an ideal solution. In general, our expertise focus on optimizing the business model, improve the efficiency.

Our consulting service would help you to support improved operational risk management through redesign processes to work more efficiently.


Technical consulting

Our technical consulting is the process of determining an organization's long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving these goals. We recommend the strategies, which will make the organization more competitive.

Most organizations want to reduce the cost structure in their IT divisions, but they don't have a defined process for making these decisions. Consequently, funds are allocated in a one-off manner, service levels are inadequate, projects are often prone to failure, and the return on IT spend is not where it should be.


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Corporate Office

SamCys Technologies Private Limited,
First floor, #28 Sundara Apartment,
5th Main Road, New Colony, Chrompet,
Chennai - 600044, TN, INDIA

+91 (44) 22413161