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SMD general board is used to test and develop embedded product based on SMD components. This board consists of various IC's and component pitches. We can test the SMD components with different lead pitches of 0.65 mm,1.27mm and 2.54mm.

The Support Include the Following

  • SIM Card Holder(2)
  • DB9 Connector(2)
  • USB 'A' Type(1)
  • USB 'B' Type(2)
  • SD Card
  • LAN (Ethernet) (2)
  • Adapter Socket
  • Capacitor pitches
  • Resistor Pitches
  • Crystal Pitches
  • LPC 1768 100-pin pitch(2)
  • SIM 300 pitch
  • Graphical TFT LCD Pitch
  • SOP Package
  • SSOP Package
  • SDip Package
  • Board Stand Probe


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